Paw Patrol Party


Miller Grace turned three in the beginning of January! What???? It’s insane how quickly time is speeding by. We originally scheduled a party closer to her birthday, but she had the flu so we had to postpone. And I’m really glad we did! It gave me much more time to plan everything AND we had our counter tops installed before her party! (Post on that to come)

MG was SO excited to have all her friends over to play and eat cake. And because it was postponed, we got to hear about how excited she was for weeks leading up to it! haha Every time we went to the store she would ask to buy decorations for her party. Every night before bed she would tell us her Paw Patrol party would be tomorrow and go down the list of friends coming over, games they would play and food they would eat. Because of the timing of our counter top installation, she also thought the “new, beautiful, Skye, counter tops” were party of her birthday present and she continues to tell us that 2 months later.

I wanted to incorporate MG’s favorites while sticking to the Paw Patrol theme and with the help of Pinterest and Amazon, I think it turned out really cute.

We hosted the party at our house in the morning. We went to a morning party earlier in the fall and loved that everybody was able to play before the kids started getting cranky and the parents were able to do their normal Saturday activities in the evening. However, I’m not much of a morning person, so instead of our 10-12 party time,  I probably should have done more of an 11-1. It’s all a learning process though, right? haha


We decided to make the party as easy going as possible! We hosted the activities in the driveway. I took out some sidewalk chalk, bubble wands and a bubble machine and we blew up the bouncy house that we purchased for her birthday party last year. (We ended up using the bouncy house inside last year due to bad weather. We moved all the living room furniture out of the way and let the kids have at it). We also had the soccer goal up and a ball out in the yard.


We had Pupperoni Pizza (and cheese too) for lunch with an assortment of snacks and appetizers including: Pawberries, Pawtato Chips and dip, Dalmation Dip and Dog Biscuits, Farmer Yumi’s Crops, and the crowd favorite, Pups in a Blanket. ( Shout out to Angela for helping me make the cute little pop up signs for the food! Here’s a free copy if you want to download the labels and use it for your own paw patrol party.)



Drink choices included the toilet bowl, water, lemonade and sprite. I also provided a yummy beverage for “Old Dogs Only.”



I created a table for the party favors, which also doubled as the cups for the kids.  I purchased the masks and fire hydrant cups from amazon. Just click on the hyperlink to find the ones that I ordered. I was super happy with them. We wrote names on the bottoms of the cups, everybody was able to keep track of there own and it prevented any spills which was great!



The after-party continued in the living room while the kids played play doh and dress ups and danced to Frozen songs and of course told “Malexa” to “play paw patrol theme song.”


Happy Third Birthday Miller Grace! The days may be long but the years are surly flying by!

You can use the following links to shop my party on amazon!