Meet Kaitlin

DSC_2743I’m Kaitlin, a 28 year old wife, mom of two, and teacher who’s about to leave my career to work full time as a stay at home mom! Our whole world is changing as my husband trades in his whistle and shifts career paths from coaching and teaching to working in the private sector. I’m so excited to get the opportunity to stay home with our girls, but nervous about the changes that will be taking place over the next year, and still pretty terrified of how we’ll manage a long distance marriage and home improvements before we move. With all the chaos that’s sure to ensue, I wanted to document bits and pieces of our lives as we fix up our house, sell it, and buy a new one, take fun family vacations, and begin to define a new normal. I would absolutely love for you all to follow us on this journey as we leave the beach behind and create a new life in Georgia!